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Our San Diego commercial movers will relocate your business with ease

Chief Moving has established itself as the go-to commercial moving company in San Diego with its remarkable track record and comprehensive expertise. We boast a team of diligent and experienced pros who possess an array of specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that your move is stress-free. Whether it’s a big corporate office or a small boutique store, we offer customized solutions for all types of businesses. We meticulously handle every detail and make sure that your move is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Comprehensive service that checks all the boxes

When you hire our long distance movers in San Diego, your relocation will entail:

  • Timely arrival and careful delivery
  • Expert packing and unpacking
  • Accurate & experience-based estimates
  • Convenient add-on services
  • Handling large items with ease

All-encompassing service you can lean on

Having been in this business for a long time, our team knows you have unique needs and will help you make this process as easy and smooth as possible, ensuring safety and avoiding damage. Our professionals will assist you and guide you through every step of the process. Our movers are well-trained, have plenty of expertise, and are equipped to handle any situation. In addition, we offer local as well as interstate commercial moving services.


Our San Diego commercial movers follow a time-tested approach

Our diligent team will make relocation easier by offering assistance with packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. Our professional coordinator will reach out to you and anticipate your needs to create a logistical and efficient solution that fits your needs.

We’ll alleviate the hassle of relocating your business

When it comes to business relocation, Chief Moving is one of the leading commercial moving companies in San Diego. We guarantee a swift and efficient move within one business day – all while providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. With our unwavering dedication, your company’s transition will be hassle-free. For a free estimate on your next commercial move, contact us at (858)228-7900. Get to know our team and what makes us the go-to pros in the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do long distance movers do?

When you order a full service assistance, your team of long distance movers in San Diego should perform all the tasks, which include: 

  • Access to full inventory of packing materials
  • Prepare and pack your belongings
  • Disassembly and assembly of your furniture
  • Loading and unloading your truck
  • Transportation from the pick-up to delivery location
  • Storing part of your items for later, if necessary
  • Unpacking and allocating items in your new home
  • Disposal of packaging waste
  • Any convenient add-on services you agree upon

To find out more about what we can do for you, call Chief Moving today, and we’ll gladly talk about all the details!

What is considered a long distance move?
When you ask the experts, your relocation will be considered a long distance move if it exceeds 400 miles. Anything less than that will be considered a local move. It’s also referred to as cross-country, long-haul, or interstate relocation, depending on distance and destination. If you’re moving from San Diego to San Francisco, it would be considered long distance, but intrastate, and relocation to Phoenix would be long distance and interstate, etc.
How do I move things from one city to another?

In order to move from one place to another, especially when you’re crossing hundreds of miles, you need to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. There are a couple of points you should keep in mind: 

  • Make full inventory list of your items
  • Pack a box of essentials
  • Keep important documents with you
  • Declutter and create a donation pile
  • Research and leave part of your belongings behind if they’re too expensive to move
  • Label and group your boxes
  • Carefully stack boxes to ensure that your fragile items don’t break in transport
  • Hire professional long distance movers and packers to carry out a full scale service or part of it.
How do you charge long distance moving?

Since every household is different the final price of your San Diego relocation can vary. While a local move will generally charged per hour, long distance moving companies calculate the costs using the following factors: 

  • Size of the load
  • Number of technicians needed to load the truck
  • Any additional services you need, if you’ve decided to customize your relocation plan.

To receive a free and honest estimate, call Chief Moving now!

Where can I find an efficient and reputable long distance moving company near me?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re relocating to or from East Village or leaving your apartment in University Heights to return to your home city, you can count on a versed local team of professionals. Here at Chief Moving, we have hands-on experience with a number of residential and commercial relocations, and we’re qualified to perform a full range of moving services in San Diego and surrounding communities.  

Apart from helping you transfer across California, or to other states, you can also count on us for: 

Feel free to book your session today online or by giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!