Winter Relocation: All You Should Know

We can’t always choose the time of our relocation and sometimes we have to perform it despite the cold and inclement weather winter offers. Although moving to San Diego in the winter sounds like a nightmare, you’d be surprised by the advantages a winter relocation can offer.

Thoroughly preparing and learning what to focus on when moving in the cold weather can really help you ensure the whole process goes without a hitch. Keep reading this informative article and learn more about winter relocation and what to expect from it.

Why is winter the best time to relocate?

While most people avoid relocating in the wintertime, there are numerous benefits to making this sacrifice:

Available movers

There is a lower demand during this period of time, which is why you will hire your moving company more easily. Apart from that, many of them are ready to lower their prices due to the slower season.

Can use vacation time

Winter is full of holidays so you can easily line up your time off with the move. You might even get away with the entire move without having to take any days off. This means at least you won’t have to stress about freeing up your schedule or what to do if a delay happens.

Lower rents

One of the perks is definitely the cheaper rent. Most people aren’t ready to deal with relocation tasks in the winter which means the competition is not so big. Due to the limited competition, it’ll be much easier for you to find rent at a reasonable price.

What are the problems with winter relocation?

Here are some usual disadvantages of relocating during the cold winter months:

Harsh weather

During the winter the weather is definitely more temperamental and full of unexpected rains and snowstorms, which is why many people avoid choosing this period to relocate. However, if you prepare properly, you won’t have any problems.


Unexpected weather conditions bring unexpected delays. This certainly doesn’t suit the people who have a certain deadline for relocation. If you start preparing on time and get ready for every possible scenario, you’ll reduce the number of setbacks.

Missing out on holidays

People don’t like to choose this time of the year because they’re afraid they’ll miss out on some important moments with their family during the relocation. However, relocation can be done before the holidays are over and it can be a great way to gather your friends and family members.

How should I move in the winter season?

Follow these tips and move effortlessly in the winter months:

Contact movers on time

You should make sure to prepare your questions for potential movers and choose your professionals on time. Ask them about their experience with winter relocations and make sure they’re flexible and have what it takes to relocate you successfully.

Prepare additional equipment

You’ll need extra boxes so you can replace those that get wet because of snow or rain. You should also prepare towels, blankets, and sheets that can be used to cover your boxes while they’re being carried to the moving truck.

Leave extra time

You should start your relocation as early as possible and free up some extra time in case you have to delay the moving day because of the bad weather. It’s also advisable to follow the weather forecast at all times during the preparation.


Who should I hire if I’m moving to or from San Diego?

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