3 Tips on Moving With Children

Leaving the old one and settling in a new home is not a small thing. No matter how much it may improve your life in the end, the process of moving itself can be quite stressful. If there are kids in your family that are moving with you, there are even more things you’ll have to keep in mind. 

Hiring San Diego’s reputable long-distance movers will likely take off some stress everyone’s under, but what are some other ways in which you can ensure a move will go smoothly, even with children included in it? Keep reading to find out!

How do I make a family relocation easier?

Right now, your head is likely full of thoughts about relocation mistakes you should avoid and telltale signs of unprofessional movers you’re trying to keep in mind. In comparison, the worries your kids have about this, likely about missing their friends, may seem small.

To them, however, these worries are as big as yours are to you. Don’t fall into the trap of being caught up in your own troubles and dismissing those of your youngest family members. Here is some advice on how to make relocation easier for the whole family, children especially.

1. Be transparent & make plans to visit your old town

A move is a big decision, and it’s likely going to take some time from the moment you make a decision until you’re in your new home. Some people choose to avoid discussing anything with their kids until the very last day. Their view is that it’ll be easier to handle it if it’s done quickly, without leaving any room for protest.

This is not ideal. Your children will be more hurt about it, and they’ll just have more trouble adjusting. It’s more stressful too. Imagine if your whole world got turned upside down over the course of one or two days. Because that’s how they see it!

It’s best if you tell them as soon as you decide, and let them slowly accept the idea with your help and guidance. While you’re still at your old place, make a plan to visit your old town and the friends they have there. If you’ve always gone to lunch at the family’s favorite restaurant in Little Italy on Sundays, plan to come back and do it every once in a while too.

2. Include them in the process of relocating

The main issue with having to relocate children is that it takes away their feeling of control of their environment. Kids don’t like change and prefer consistency. A way to make it a bit easier on them is to include them in the process.

This doesn’t mean they have to know all the points on the moving checklist or all the important terms related to moving that you have to know. Asking about their views, keeping them updated, and turning to them for help with little tasks is enough. Let them pick the color of the walls in their new room, and how to arrange it, so long as it’s within reason.

This will show them that you still value their opinion and that they’re allowed to make some choices themselves. It will make them feel more like you’re making this decision as a family, and it’s not just you forcing them to do something they don’t want.Who are San Diego’s most reliable long distance movers

3. Get them familiar with the new environment before the move

If it’s possible, try to find a way to get your children familiar with their new surroundings before you relocate. Plan short trips to the neighborhood you’ll settle in before the big day. Find something there you know they’ll like, something that reminds them of your old town.

If there’s a way, see that they meet some potential friends even now. If it’s doable, visit the  school they’ll attend with them. Change is much easier when you have an idea about what you can expect when you get there. This applies even to adults!

Who are San Diego’s most reliable long distance movers?

Changing your address is stressful in nature. This is the case even if you look forward to it. If you’re not doing it alone, but with the whole family, kids included, it can be quite a lot. There’s no reason to put more tension on everyone by trying to do everything by yourself. Instead, reach out to qualified experts from Chief Moving for help!

We’ll help you by handling everything from packing and loading, to transport to bringing boxes right through your doors per your request. Feel free to lean on industry professionals that have years of experience in all kinds of moves, and spend the time helping your youngest family members understand and adjust to the change instead!