8 Essential Packing Tips

Relocation can be an exciting change for you, but it also brings numerous stressful tasks you have to pay attention to. One of the most difficult and nerve racking parts of the relocation is packing. You have piles of clothes, numerous items, and appliances waiting for you to sort and secure for transportation. 

Whether you’re relocating to or from San Diego, finding a company that offers expert moving services can make the whole process as efficient and hassle-free as possible. However, if you’re set on going it alone, we’ve prepared some tried-and-true tips on how to pack as efficiently as possible

How should I pack for the move?

If you’re getting ready to relocate and would like to do it promptly and successfully, you should plan the move in detail and follow these packing tips:

1.Start on time

If you want to have enough time to pack everything properly, you should start packing as soon as you decide you want to move. If you’re not able to start right away, then at least make sure you start packing 3 weeks before the move date.

2.Sort through your belongings

You should sort through all your belongings and make sure you minimize the amount of items you’ll move. Decide what to bring to your new address and what you no longer need. Donate, throw or sell what you can live without. Keep the essentials and valuable belongings with you. 

3.Stock up on supplies 

Unless you’ve hired technicians who will bring their own moving and packing equipment, you should gather your own supplies. Collect boxes in various sizes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, tape, markers, large garbage bags, as well as specialty containers for valuables.

4.Pack efficiently 

Make sure you don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes by filling in the gaps with towels and clothes. Make use of old suitcases and travel bags to pack essentials and valuable items while using garbage bags for clothes and bed linens. Carefully prepare your appliances and furniture for packing.

5.Pack carefully

Put heavier items on the bottom, and lighter ones on top to avoid any damage. If you overpack your boxes or leave too much free space, they won’t be safe for the move. Use bubble wrap, newspaper, or cloth to protect fragile items from scratching.

6.Room by room

Start with the least used rooms such as the garage, attic, or basement. The best way to organize the packing is to go room by room and designate the packing area in each of them. Sort cartons by their weight and the room they’re from. Clearly label each box using different colors for different rooms.


Carefully pack your electronics using protective equipment. Before you pack them make sure they’re turned off and that they’ve had some time to cool off. Sort cables and label them so you can put them together easily when unpacking. Make sure your devices get a safe spot inside the moving truck.

8.Things you shouldn’t pack

Don’t pack your valuable items unless you can get proper valuation coverage. You also shouldn’t pack flammable, explosive, or toxic chemicals and items such as cleaning solutions, fireworks, nail polish, etc. 

How should I pack for the move

Where in San Diego and the area can I find reliable moving services?

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