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Enjoy a quick and hassle-free relocation of every scope and size.


Experience a higher standard of relocation service

As one of the most reliable moving companies in the area, we provide dependable residential and commercial relocations to our clients in Pacific Beach and the surrounding communities. We’re proud to say that they can rely on us for safe and effective transportation. We employ professionals who are ready to go the extra mile and we use only quality supplies and techniques. Have no doubt that your personal items will be handled with care and knowledge by our capable crew.


Our local and long distance movers are at your service

Our client-oriented approach and detailed planning have shown to our customers that the relocation process can be completed in a completely stress-free manner. Our pros in Pacific Beach will use reliable packing and moving methods for your peace of mind. You can rely on them for:

  • An expert-based packing and unpacking service
  • Pick-up and delivery performed in a timely manner
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs
  • Add-on services for a customized relocation plan


Why hire our dependable moving service in Pacific Beach

Experienced & Screened Staff

Our well-versed team members are interviewed in-person as well as thoroughly reference-checked for your peace of mind. They have the necessary skills and knowledge.

We Care Deeply About Your Satisfaction

Our main focus is to provide you with maximum value. This is why our local and long distance movers will gladly listen to your personal requests and needs and go the extra mile to meet them.

Expert Item Handling

You can trust our team of experts to handle all your belongings in a safe and careful manner. From packing and loading to unpacking and loading, your items will be in good hands.

GPS Tracking System

We want to get regular updates about the location of your belongings. This is why we use a modern GPS tracking system that will show the current location at all times and ensure items are on the right track.


Reputable moving company for a hassle-free relocation

Our attention to detail and client-centered approach are only some of the reasons why we’re one of the top relocation providers in Pacific Beach. We stand out from the competition because we constantly improve our experience, knowledge and methods. Our team of experts has moved hundreds of clients and has the skills necessary to ensure a swift and successful relocation. Let us show you how dedicated and responsible we are!


Our happy clients are our best reward


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should you not bring to movers?

There are certain items and substances that most movers and packers in Pacific Beach and the area won’t pack or move. These include:

  • Gasoline
  • Nail polish remover
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Paints
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • Fireworks
  • Perishable foods
Will movers move laundry detergent?

Both local and long distance movers avoid packing and relocating any hazardous and chemical substances. Things such as laundry detergent, bleach and other cleaners are dangerous to transport, so your relocation provider probably won’t move them.

Are plastic bins good for moving?

Although cardboard boxes are affordable and easier to find, plastic bins are a much better option, especially for a long distance relocation. Plastic is thicker, waterproof and more durable, making it a great choice for packing and moving. You can always ask our movers and packers from Pacific Beach and the area for more information on this topic.

Is it OK to store things in cardboard boxes?

It depends. Cardboard boxes are suitable for short-term relocations during which you’ll pack and unpack quickly. However, if you’re planning a long-distance relocation, it’s advisable to use heavy-duty cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Book our trustworthy moving services and we’ll find the solution that suits you and your needs the best.

Where can I find trusted movers and packers in Pacific Beach & vicinity?

Chief Moving Company is a locally owned and operated business that serves many parts of California. We have years of experience in providing our customers with reliable and hassle-free relocation services in San Diego and the area.

We have the skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and swift move. Don’t hesitate to reach us for:

Take your time to relax and recharge by strolling around Rose Creek or visit Tourmaline Surfing Park with your family as we complete the relocation for you. Reach out to us and schedule your move today!